Installation & Setup

First you need to pull in the HipChat Driver.

composer require botman/driver-hipchat

Then load the driver before creating the BotMan instance (only when you don't use BotMan Studio):


// Create BotMan instance

Or if you use BotMan Studio:

php artisan botman:install-driver hipchat

This driver requires a valid and secure URL in order to set up webhooks and receive events and information from the chat users. This means your application should be accessible through an HTTPS URL.

{callout-info} ngrok is a great tool to create such a public HTTPS URL for your local application. If you use Laravel Valet, you can create it with "valet share" as well.

To connect BotMan with your HipChat team, you need to create an integration in the room(s) you want your bot to be in. After you have created the integration, take note of the URL HipChat presents you at "Send messages to this room by posting to this URL".

This URL will be used to send the BotMan replies to your rooms.

Note: If you want your bot to live in multiple channels, you need to add the integration multiple times. This is a HipChat limitation.

Next, you need to add webhooks to each channel that you have added an integration to.

The easiest way to do this is:

  1. As a HipChat Administrator, go to https://YOUR-HIPCHAT-TEAM.hipchat.com/account/api and create an API token that has the "Administer Room" scope.
  2. With this token, perform a POST request against the API to create a webhook:
curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR-API-TOKEN" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
	"url": "https://MY-BOTMAN-CONTROLLER-URL/",
	"event": "room_message"
}' \

If you want your bot to live in multiple channels, you need to add the webhook to each channel. This is a HipChat limitation.

Once you've set up the integration(s) and webhook(s), add them to your BotMan configuration.

Supported Features

This is a list of features that the driver supports. If a driver does not support a specific action, it is in most cases a limitation from the messaging service - not BotMan.

Feature Supported?
Image Attachment
Video Attachment
Audio Attachment
Location Attachment